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Just 15 kilometres from the Polish border, the Czech city of Ostrava offers investors a prime location from which to reach the Polish and Slovak markets as well as a vast network of consumers in Europe’s east, west, and south. Travellers also cross through this advantageously located city of nearly 300,000 via key transport routes between the Baltic and Adriatic seas. Dense railway networks with direct links to the Leoš Janáček Airport make transport in and out of the city exceptionally simple.


In addition to its prime location, the capital of the Moravia-Silesia region boasts prime opportunities for growth at relatively low cost. Home to three accredited universities, Ostrava offers a highly educated, multilingual workforce and a culture of research and innovation. The Czech Republic ranks amongst the safest, most politically stable countries in the world and continues to attract foreign investors with tax incentives and favourable business conditions.


The CTPark network includes three parks in the Ostrava region: CTParks Ostrava and Ostrava Poruba, 10 and 17 kilometres from the city centre, respectively, and CTPark Nový Jičín, near Leoš Janáček Airport on the E642 roadway. The A-class office park IQ Ostrava brings 24,000sqm of energy-efficient office space to the city’s downtown.


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AVAILABLE NOW 22,152 m² Development Opportunity: 22,934 m²

Ostrava is the third largest city in the Czech Republic and a centre of the Moravian-Silesian region.Ostrava’s economy was...

AVAILABLE NOW 0 m² Development Opportunity: 0 m²

IQ Ostrava brings the successful IQ building concept and A-class office park environment to Ostrava’s city centre. Phase I...

AVAILABLE NOW 30,859 m² Development Opportunity: 51,834 m²

CTPark Ostrava Poruba is situated on the western outskirts of the city, close to the D1 motorway with connections to Pragu...

AVAILABLE NOW 16,675 m² Development Opportunity: 57,958 m²

CTPark Hranice is strategically located with direct motorway access to Olomouc (40km), Ostrava (60km) and Poland/Katowice ...

AVAILABLE NOW 0 m² Development Opportunity: 7,067 m²

CTPark Nový Jičín is located 30km south of Ostrava on the E642 roadway near Ostrava international airport. The park featur...

AVAILABLE NOW 0 m² Development Opportunity: 10,196 m²

CTPark Karviná is located just 10 km from Polish border and 30km from Ostrava. The park is an ideal base for high-tech pro...

AVAILABLE NOW 0 m² Development Opportunity: 59,234 m²

CTPark Lipník nad Bečvou is located near the D1 motorway midway between Brno and Ostrava. The park is less than 30km from ...

AVAILABLE NOW 0 m² Development Opportunity: 5,239 m²

CTPark Nošovice is located directly adjacent to the Hyundai automotive manufacturing plant and the major connecting highwa...

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