The most robust economy of the former Communist bloc, Poland’s strong domestic market and favourable location between Western and Eastern Europe equip investors with vast opportunity for growth. Remarkably, the size of Poland’s economy continued to grow even at the height of the financial crisis in 2009 and is now approximately 16% greater than its pre-crisis level. This remarkable stability, coupled with a well-educated and multilingual workforce and remarkably low costs of labor compared to Western Europe, all contribute to Poland’s appeal for investors.
parks in country
thousands m² Gross lettable area
AVAILABLE SPACE in 0 buildings: 154,634 m² PARK SIZE: 34.64 ha

CTPark Iłowa is located in on the international route E36 junction (Berlin-Wroclaw) just 40km from the Polish- German border. T...

Building Available space Total space Status
ILL4 64,988m² 64,988m² planned
ILL2 42,758m² 42,758m² planned
ILL5 36,645m² 36,645m² planned
ILL1 10,243m² 10,243m² planned
AVAILABLE SPACE in 0 buildings: 55,186 m² PARK SIZE: 13.91 ha

CTPark Opole is located in the North West part of the city with direct access to the northern ring road connecting Opole with t...

Building Available space Total space Status
OPO3 20,420m² 20,420m² planned
OPO4 18,436m² 18,436m² planned
OPO1 10,483m² 32,739m² built
OPO2 5,847m² 5,847m² planned
AVAILABLE SPACE in 0 buildings: 89,962 m² PARK SIZE: 21.03 ha

CTPark Zabrze is located in the Silesian Metropolis with a population of 2.7 million people—one of the largest urban areas in E...

Building Available space Total space Status
ZAB3 37,798m² 37,798m² planned
ZAB5 18,960m² 18,960m² planned
ZAB4 13,166m² 13,166m² planned
ZAB1 10,019m² 10,019m² planned
ZAB2 10,019m² 10,019m² planned
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